Art Work
Danny Heim / Artist

In early 2009 I discovered within myself a painting style that has become my signature work. It's a series I call, Black and Blue Cowboys.  The title says  "Cowboys" but more and more it's as much about Native Americans  and Hispanics as well. It's about life in the wild west during the post Civil War period.  But also other images drift in, like steamboats and flying saucers.

The title has one thing right, it is black and blue and black and blue only. The combining of these two colors are the gateway into all aspects of this work.  All I need is the blue background and then the black can dance. I've tried it with other colors and it's just not the same thing.  I don't understand it entirely but I do have a theory. I believe it mostly comes from two places. One, I watched a lot of TV as a kid and therefore many of these works are probably subconscious formulations of old western movie scenes. The other, as an adult I spent a lot of time on the Hopi reservation with a family in the village of Hotevilla. I believe the landscape aspects of these works come from that experience and some of the narrative aspects as well.